Data Mishaps Night

Thursday, February 24th 2022 at 7pm CST

Join us for the second annual Data Mishaps Night! We will feature a lineup of data mistake stories with a focus on the human aspect of data work and lessons learned the hard way. Check out our speakers below and a full agenda here.

Please note that this is a live event and it will not be recorded.

Code of Conduct

Keynote: Hilary Mason

We are thrilled to announce Hilary Mason as our keynote for the evening. In the spirit of experienced technologists sharing their mistakes, Hilary will kick off the event with a few data mishaps of her own and what she’s learned from them.

Hilary Mason is the co-founder and CEO of Hidden Door. Prior to Hidden Door she was General Manager of the Machine Learning business unit at Cloudera (NYSE: CLDR). She previously founded Fast Forward Labs, an applied machine learning research and consulting startup which Cloudera acquired in 2017. Additionally, she was Data Scientist in Residence at Accel Partners, co-founded HackNY, and was Chief Scientist at bitly. Hilary has broken systems and caused errors at small and large scales, enjoys delving through the messiest of messy data, and has an affinity for the unexpected and unexplained.

Confirmed Speakers

Rebecca Hadi – Director of Data Science

Title: No Time to Optimize, A Poorly Written Query Story 

Twitter handle: @beehadi26 

Vonn Johnson – Data Analyst

Title: The Magic of Dirty Data

Twitter handle: @johnsovo 

Jacqueline Nolis – Head of Data Science

Title: I Spent a Decade Collecting Useless Data

Twitter handle: @skyetetra

Varun Kumar – Data Scientist

Title: Neural Nets: Bloody Smart Learners

Twitter handle: @varun_invent

Maura Church – Director of Data Science & Data Engineering

Title: The Mishap of The Meaningless Metric

Twitter handle: @outoftheverse

Josh Laurito – Director of Data

Title: Buying the Drama

Twitter handle: @joshlaurito

Janelle Coburn – Manager, Operations Technical Services, Statistician

Title: How to Increase the Latency on Your APIs and Get a Lot of DBA Attention

Twitter handle: @janelle_coburn

Eric Nantz – Statistician

Title: Power-Hungry Correlations at their (HPC) Cores

Twitter handle: @theRcast

Hannah Gunderman – Data, Gaming, and Popular Culture Librarian

Title: A Deadhead Data Management Disaster, How Bad Filenames Ruined the Grateful Dead for Me

Twitter handle: @HannahGunderman

Michael Mahoney – PhD Student

Title: It’s Not What it Looks Like, Learning to Question Assumptions When Debugging ML Models

Twitter handle: @MikeMahoney218

Elizabeth Beebe – Data Scientist

Title: I Accidentally All the Data

Twitter handle: @emfbeebe

Stefania Olafsdottir – CEO & Co-Founder (formerly Head of Data Science, Growth Lead)

Title: Can I get your “phone numer”?

Twitter handle: @StefaniaBje

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