Caitlin and Laura are both based in Austin, TX and share a bond over data, kids and tacos. They first met at an R-Ladies Austin meetup in 2017.

Caitlin Hudon

Caitlin Hudon is the Principal Data Scientist at OnlineMedEd. She has over a decade of experience helping companies get value out of their data in a variety of industries including IoT, marketing, higher education, non-profits, and start-ups, which translate to 10+ years of learning from data mistakes.

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Laura Ellis

Laura Ellis is the Principal Analytics Architect for IBM Cloud internal data platform. She’s a data geek who aims to make data science and analytics accessible to everyone. She has been part of the data space for 15 years working across a wide range of full stack data technologies and problem spaces. She’s made almost every data mistake in the book.

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