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Data Mishaps Night Agenda

Data Mishaps Night begins at 7pm CST on Friday, Feb 5th 2021. Please see our home page for more details on the speakers.

Welcome and Introduction


From the Co-Organizers
  • Laura Ellis will begin with a brief introduction and some housekeeping/logistics.
  • Caitlin Hudon will share some of the lessons she has learned from her data mistakes.
Theme: The Forest and the Trees


  • Ghazal Gulati, Data Strategy, @ghazalgulati
  • Susan VanderPlas, Assistant Professor @srvanderplas
  • Daniel Mintz, Outbound PM (former data analyst), @danielmintz
  • Gwynn Sturdevant, Post-doctoral Fellow, @nzgwynn
Theme: Too Good to Be True


  • Randy Au, Quantitative UX Researcher, @Randy_Au
  • Aaron Richter, Senior Data Scientist, @rikturr
  • Hritvik Pandey, Risk and Finance Model Validation, @typicalLurker, Slides
  • Karl Broman, Professor, @kwbroman, Slides
Theme: Unchecked Assumptions


  • Martin Monkman, Provincial Statistician and Director, @monkmanmh, Slides
  • Danielle Oberdier, Founder, @dikayodata
  • Nick Benthem, Data Engineer, @NickBenthem
  • Susan Buchman, Statistician, @smb_stats
Theme: The Classics


  • Scarlett Kelsey, Data Analyst, @Scar_Data
  • Wendy Grus, Lead Data Analyst, @wgrus
  • Aaron Horowitz, Chief Data Scientist, @Aaron_Horowitz
  • Kaelen Medeiros, Data Scientist, @kaelen_medeiros, Slides

Other Housekeeping

  • Twitter – Before, during and after the event, we will be using the hashtag #DataMishapsNight to continue the conversation. Note that we won’t have time for Q&A during the event.
  • Slides – After the event, we will collect all available slide decks and link to them from this page.
  • Recording – This event will not be recorded. We want to give presenters a chance to talk openly and honestly about their mistakes without the pressure of an eternal recording. If this inaugural #DataMishapsNight goes well, we’d consider putting the event on again in the future so that more people can participate.
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